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Located at Villa Mutti Bernardelli, a vast and complex building comprising rooms ranging from the 15th to the 18th century, offers to enthusiasts, industry experts, scholars and researchers the important opportunity to have direct knowledge of some of the most significant expressions of the local tradition.


Visitors can see a part of the history of this area, to understand its roots and potential. The Museum is not only intended as a valuable display of local, national and international firearms production but also as a new cultural institution that contextualizes the firearms sector in the life of a community.

The museum tour


The museum itinerary unfolds over two floors.

The first part is dedicated to the historical evolution of weapons, represented through significant examples of the most important types of artifacts.

A review which, without forgetting examples of swords, focuses on firearms, starting from the 16th century. The itinerary illustrates and testifies, in a rich excursus of specimens, weapons for defence, hunting, military use and their functioning.

Particular attention is given to the prototypes and models that have been moments of profound technological innovation.

The museum tour


The second floor contains a significant educational section which, with the help of models and videos, makes accessible the history of the technological processes inherent in the manufacture of weapons, the rediscovery of ancient techniques and forgotten work processes, refined by centuries of experience.

The educational laboratory, set up to recall the furnishings of a workshop, is in the large attic.

Villa Mutti Bernardelli

Villa Mutti Bernardelli is a vast and complex building with rooms ranging from the 15th to the 18th century; made of two buildings connected to each other.

Particularly interesting are some rooms on the ground floor: a large room with a stone fireplace dated 1749 and adorned with the Mutti coat of arms; a living room with a coffered ceiling on which the signs of the zodiac appear accompanied by the coat of arms of Valtrompia.

In the private chapel of the villa, a beautiful bas-relief sculpture can still be seen, which can be assigned to the 16th century, depicting the Madonna enthroned with the Child.

In the adjacent building there is a large room with a polychromatically decorated vaulted ceiling; separated from the portico that leads into the large park, is the room of the former stables of which stone and iron furnishings remain.

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The Museum, in collaboration with the Trompia Valley Museum System, offers a wide range of opportunities for groups and school visits.

The laboratories

Ludic-educational proposals for primary and secondary schools.

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